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Are Rental Cars Insured in Saudi Arabia? | Yelo

Tuesday, 02 August, 2022

Are Rental Cars Insured in Saudi Arabia?

One of the first questions that come to your mind when you’re planning to rent a car is, “Are rental cars insured?”. Most of us rent cars when we’re on vacation or traveling; therefore, it’s essential to plan for the unexpected since you’re driving a strange car around an unfamiliar place.

Rental car insurance is an optional coverage you can purchase to protect yourself against the cost of damages that may occur when you rent a car. Let’s go over the procedures that apply if you had an accident while renting a car from Yelo and learn about the insurance services that we offer you.

Rental Car Expense Coverage After an Accident

Before you rent a car in Saudi Arabia, we advise you to contact the car rental company to learn about the incidents covered during your booking period. Requirements may vary locally and nationally, so the terms could differ each time you rent a car.

When renting a car from Yelo, there are different procedures to follow depending on whether it’s an accident with a third party or if there is no other party. So, are rental cars insured in Saudi Arabia? Keep reading to know the answer.

Accident With a Third Party

  • In the event of a zero error from the customers or if they add any of Yelo’s insurance services, they do not bear any insurance policy, as long as there is a report from Najm or the department of traffic that includes the other party’s information.
  • If there is an error percentage on customers under 26 years old and they didn’t add any of Yelo’s insurance services, they will pay an insurance policy of 7,000 riyals. In the case of escape without information or accidents and collision with a fixed object, they will pay 7,000 riyals, and the policy for car theft is 3,500 riyals.
  • As for customers above 26 years old who have an accident with another party and the error rate is less than 50%, they will pay 2,500 riyals. At the same time, if it is higher than 50%, they will pay 3,500 riyals, and in the case of escape without information, accidents and collision with a fixed object, or car theft, they will pay 3,500 riyals. The car must be returned to the nearest branch in the incident city with the report from Najm or the traffic department.
  • In the absence of a report from Najm or the traffic department, customers shall be liable for all damages caused by the accident and this condition shall include all accidents.

Accident if There Is No Other Party

If there is a report from Najm or the department of traffic and no other party is registered to the report, the customer is liable for an insurance policy of 3,500 riyals.

Our Auto Insurance Services

You might be planning to discover Saudi Arabia by car, but you’re asking yourself: Are rental cars insured?

Because your safety is our number one priority, we offer a variety of services, such as the Yelo Shield and the Yelo Shield Plus, as follows:

Yelo Shield

Yelo Shield offers the clients an additional paid premium to the daily rent amount during the contract period. Customers are entitled to receive a waiver for any extra expenses that would apply at the time of an accident. It should be noted that the value of this service differs according to the vehicle category.

If the clients wish to benefit from this service, they should request to add it upon the opening of the contract. It can’t be added at a later stage. Do not hesitate to add this service to your contract to exclude yourself from any extra costs in case of an accident and enjoy a journey with total peace of mind.

Yelo Shield Plus

Yelo Shield Plus is an enhanced protection service for customers seeking peace of mind. With super coverage and additional features, this service exempts you from any additional costs that would apply at the time of an accident, and it covers the following:

  • Accidents
  • Windshield
  • Tires
  • Body Exterior

To benefit from this service, a small amount of money will be added to the rent. Just like the Yelo Shield service, the amount of money varies from car category to another, and it is only available when starting the contract.

In this article, we answered the common question “Are rental cars insured?” and concluded that rental car insurance is necessary when renting a car. If something happens while you are renting a car and there are damages or other costs to pay, you will not be able to file a claim unless you had insurance at the time of the incident.

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