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YELO wins 4 from 6 US AVA Digital Marketing Professional Awards

Monday, 03 May, 2021

April 2021: Al-Wefaq Rent a Car Company "Yelo" has won the lion's share of the "AVADIGITAL AWARDS" after winning four of the association's six awards after "Yelo" distinguished in managing its campaign to change its identity to "Yelo", which had been organized last October, and its creativity in marketing its products via videos. The main video to change the company's identity to "Yelo" won the Platinum Award for the production of short videos, and the same video also received the Platinum Award for Best Commercial Video. The company also received the Gold Award for Best Digital Advertising Marketing Campaign, and the Gold Award for Best Brand Campaign on Social Media Platforms. Yelo's CEO, Mr. Nasser Al-Qahtani expressed his happiness with this excellence, which has been endorsed by a such specialized body the size of the American Association of Marketing Professionals (AVA DIGITAL AWARDS), which reflects a number of positive indicators which confirmed that Yelo's strategy is on the right track. He went on syaing: "The source of our happiness with these awards comes from the fact that we have made the right decision to early rely on national cadres in the development of the company's business, as most of those who worked on the identity change campaign are young men and women of the country who are considered today the main pillar of "Yelo". However, our excellence in the digital field is the reflection of the huge investment that has been injected in the development of digital services which offer multiple options for our customers to complete all their transactions with the company easily and comfortably without the need for any paper transactions, a matter that gave "Yelo" an important advantage during the global pandemic of Covid-19, which reflected the foresight of countries and entities that started early in developing their digital businesses and set them as strategic goal." Al- Qahtani thanked Yelo's customers, whose trust is considered the main driver and engine that led the company to advance to the forefront of car rental companies in the Kingdom besides its link with strategic partnerships with major companies operating globally in the same field, as well as congratulated all employees of the company for this achievement, which will be a catalyst for further achievements, God willing, in the future.

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