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The Best SUVs to Drive Around in Saudi Arabia

Monday, 28 March, 2022

Is it your first time in Saudi Arabia? Or are you moving there? Either way, you’ll need a car to move around from one place to the other. You can either rent a car or buy one, but when in Saudi Arabia, it’s always important to drive something suitable. SUV’s have won the hearts of many Saudis thanks to their four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive options that give you better ground clearance. It’s your chance to drive smoothly and comfortably anywhere. So, what are the best SUVs to drive around in Saudi Arabia? Haval H6 2022 Have you heard of this brand? It might not be familiar because it’s new in the Saudi Arabia market. Haval is a Chinese automobile manufacturer specialising in SUVs with a modern interior, developed technology, and safety features. There is a range of models to choose from, but if you’re looking to drive in Saudi Arabia, the Haval H6 2022 model will do the trick. With its FWD & AED 2.0L 4N20 Turbo 4-Cylinders engine and a 7-speed DCT transmission, it’s hard not to fall in love. Haval H6 2022 Features: LKA (Lane-keeping Assistance) TSR (Traffic Signal Recognition) ACC + ICA (Intelligent Cruise Assistance) TAJ (Traffic Jam Assistance) AVM (Around View Monitor System Full scene auto parking Whole road section intelligent dodge 6 Omni-directional airbags Front seat heating 12.3-inch smart touch screen And a lot more awaits! Subaru Forester If you’re not looking for a big SUV, then the Subaru Forester will do it for you when driving in Saudi Arabia. This 5-seat Japanese SUV comes with a 50 year reliable Boxer Engine; it’s one of the best for driving around Saudi Arabia. The car comes with plenty of safety and technological features. The EyeSight feature alone says it all; it keeps you safe by monitoring traffic, enhancing cruise control, and warns you when rolling outside your lane. But that’s only the beginning of what the Subaru Forester features. Subaru Forester Features: 2.0L V4 petrol-powered engine Automatic transmission system All-Wheel Drive with Lineartronic + Active Torque Split AWD & XMODE Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)* Airbags Vehicle Dynamics Control System Auto Vehicle Load You can try it out yourself; it’ll blow your mind. Chevrolet Tahoe Big and bold are the two words you can use to describe the Chevrolet Tahoe. It’s a family-friendly car with plenty of space to sit, relax, and drive comfortably. Chevrolet has made the car with your comfort and safety in mind. So, don’t be surprised by all the features that come along with it. Chevrolet Tahoe Features: LED lights Power sliding centre console Heated and ventilated front seats HD rear vision camera Hitch guidance Rear park assist Bose audio system Advanced rear seat media system 12.6-inch twin rear touchscreen Wireless charging Hence, if you’re visiting Saudi Arabia with your family or friends, make sure to rent the Chevrolet Tahoe from Yelo. Changan Don’t hesitate to rent a Changan from Yelo when in need. It’s a Chinese car brand, and once you try it, you’ll know it’s on top of the best SUVs to drive around in Saudi Arabia. It’s an excellent SUV that comes in different sizes and numbers of seats depending on what you want. In addition, it’s a fully-featured car, and here are a few features we think you should know about: Changan Features: Auto door lock Airbags Collision detectors Parking sensors Speed limiter Electric door mirrors Automatic transmission LED taillights There’s a lot more to mention, as it’s all designed to bring you comfort. Toyota Fortuner VX3 Toyota is known to be one of the best cars in the world. The Toyota Fortuner didn’t fall behind on the list of SUVs you should consider getting when in Saudi Arabia. If you’re looking for a big car, the Toyota Fortuner is what you need. The 7-seats will give you plenty of space to drive around. You can choose between 7 variants of Fortuner in Saudi Arabia, and they vary between petrol and diesel engines. Toyota Fortuner Features: 6-CYLINDERS engine 6-Speed Automatic transmission Rear Differential Lock system 18” Alloy Wheel 265/60R18 Tire Size Power Front Leather Seats Steering Wheel Controls LED Dome Lights 6 Speakers Traction control No wonder it’s a car loved by many. But it’s important to keep in mind that if you’re looking to go on your next adventure in Saudi Arabia, the Toyota Fortuner is what you need. It’s there with you through every adventure to share your memories and provide you comfort. Now you know the best SUVs to drive around in Saudi Arabia, so don’t hesitate to rent yours from Yelo; the cars are fully equipped to meet your comfort and needs. Even if you’re looking for a luxury rental car, you’ve got it! Book yours today by choosing a car, the pick-up and drop off location, and proceed to find the best car rental deals.

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