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Yelo is the gold sponsor of the Hail Toyota International Rally

Wednesday, 09 December, 2020

Al-Wefaq Rent a Car Company "Yelo" announced its entry as a gold sponsor for the Hail Toyota International Rally 2020, which constitutes the fourth and fifth rounds of the World Cup (Baha Cross Country), where the fourth round will be held during the period from 10 to 12 December 2020, while the activities of the Hail Rally will be concluded Toyota International in the fifth round of the World Cup from 14 to 16 December, and the company made it clear in a statement that its sponsorship of the rally comes as a continuation of its approach to sponsoring and supporting all meaningful activities that are beneficial and beneficial to the country and its youth, after the company had a distinguished presence in sponsoring a number A large number of sports clubs locally and abroad and a number of sports championships in various games. About this sponsorship, the Executive Vice President of Al-Wefaq, Mr. Bashir Al-Qahtani, said: “The sponsorship of Al-Wefaq Rent A Car Company” Yelo ”comes from the premise of the company's commitment to contribute whenever the opportunity arises to support initiatives and activities that benefit the country and its people, and there is no doubt that we were keen on Being in a global forum the size of the Hail Toyota International Rally, which comes within the global events that we are all happy as Saudis to take place on the land of our beloved country as one of the outputs of the Vision of Goodness and Giving 2030, which created a healthy healthy environment to host such major events, and to provide the opportunity for Saudi youth to confirm their competence in organizing And the success of such global demonstrations efficiently and competently We are confident that the rally will achieve the usual success in all the events that were held in the Kingdom. ”He added,“ We are also pleased at Al-Wefaq Rent A Car Company “Yelo” that our company is a golden sponsor for this global event. We affirm that we will continue our approach to support and care in all The activities through which we see that we achieve the goals of social responsibility that we have set according to our strategy in this direction, and our primary goal is to achieve the greatest possible benefit to society, and there is no doubt that sponsoring this event has many benefits, the most prominent of which is supporting the tourism promotion of the Kingdom by highlighting its distinctive features and its environment Attraction, as well as encouraging young people to practice sports of all kinds, which is one of the goals of the (Quality of Life) program that the vision seeks to achieve.

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