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The Top 5 Cars for CEOs

Thursday, 09 June, 2022

The Top 5 Cars for CEOs

Your car can say a lot about you, and as a CEO, you don't want to pass by unseen. Especially if you're going to a business meeting, then you need to make an entrance with a luxury car that'll impress everyone. Yet, what are the cars a CEO should drive? Here are the top 5 cars for CEOs to answer your question.

BMW 730

BMW is meant to bring everyone joy. A car that is luxurious from the outside and beautiful from the inside as well. The BMW 730 brings you everything you're looking for in a car, and if you don't have one, Yelo has one ready just for your business meetings.

What to expect when booking the BMW 730?

For 2,400 SAR a day, you will get a full luxury car with 5 seats and all the basics you usually expect to stay comfortable in the leather seats, LED lights, and a self-parking feature. Of course, the interior aesthetics haven't changed and are always businesslike for CEOs to drive.

Lexus UX 200

If you're in town for a business meeting, then the Lexus UX 200 is what you're looking for. Its size might be what you're looking for, but SUV drivers. Besides its extraordinary exterior design, the car has a 2.0L engine and everything you need to drive safely.

The steering wheel has plenty of options for you to control the music, volume, and more. As well as a steering assistant.

Want to try it out? Book yours today for only 432 SAR a day from Yelo. 

Mercedes-Benz A200

Get The Best or Nothing is what Mercedes-Benz stands for. The Mercedes-Benz A200 has a beautiful exterior and interior design that redefines luxury. It's not the most luxurious Mercedes car, but it will definitely make a statement when walking into a business with one.

It's another small luxury car you can rent from Yelo. For 495 SAR per day, here's what to expect:

Other than the beautiful fancy interior, the A-Class is similar to other small sedans with a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and choose between front-wheel or all-wheel drive.

Mercedes-Benz C180

There's nothing like the Mercedes-Benz C180. All eyes will be on you as soon as you walk into your business. The small luxury car features will make you want it even more. Other than the reverse camera, parking sensors, and parking assistance to help you park the car.

Unlike any other car, the Mercedes-Benz C180 comes with dual-zone climate control. This means you can set different temperatures for the driver and the passenger. With its multi-media system and touch screen, there's nothing more you could ask for.

Book yours today with Yelo for 467.5 per day.

Range Rover Velar

If you're looking for a luxurious car, I think you just found it. For 1487.50 SAR, rent the Range Rover Velar and enjoy a smooth 4-wheel drive. Range Rover is known for its beautiful interior, and there you'll find all of the tech features. The Velar is the compact version of Range Rovers, with an extraordinary sound system, a touch screen, and a beautiful driver's display.

The back seats can be folded, giving you plenty of space to place any bags. Hence, if you're looking for a luxury SUV, then the Range Rover Velar is perfect.



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