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Why is it better to rent a car than to drive your own car on a trip?

Sunday, 09 August, 2020

Since the end of curfew in the Kingdom, many families want to travel for a holiday. Here are some tips to plan your journeys easily and get to your destination comfortably. Renting a car is an economic option: The most recent studies indicate that to rent a car costs less than driving your own car on a trip. As a matter of fact, for a 1500km trip, maintenance costs are up to $1000 (3750 riyals). A suitable car to your journey: If your destination is far away, it's better to enjoy your trip with a spacious car that suits all passenger’s needs: the comfort. Crossovers, family cars and minivans are comfortable options. Enjoy driving If the car has many luxury features, the road will be part of the fun of the trip, so you can choose to rent a luxury car for travel. Moreover, if you are planning to change your car, you can try and discover a new one during the holidays. Al-Wefaq Rent a Car has a large and varied fleet of cars and provides its services through more than 80 agencies across KSA. In addition to this, Al Wefaq provides you with assistance anywhere, 24 hours a day. Download Al Wefaq App: Google Play - Apple Store

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