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"Yelo" and "Al-Gefaly" Seal a Deal to Import 100 Mercedes A Class

Wednesday, 23 June, 2021

Al-Wefaq rent a car "Yelo" and Ibrahim Al-Gefaly and brothers co. _Mercedes Benz Agent in the Kingdom_ revealed the deal of importing a 100 Mercedes A class to join Yelo's fleet. The details of this agreement were announced during a party hosted in Yelo's headquarter in Riyadh, with representatives from Ibrahim Al-Gefaly and brothers co. and Munir Al-Zoughby the general manager at Yelo. Yelo's CEO Nasser Al-Qahtany said "In Yelo, we make sure to provide the best cars in our fleet for our customers to choose from. It's natural for Mercedes benz cars to be added to our fleet, for it's one of the unique brands globally, and not only that, but also the demand we receive from our customers on their cars" He also added "You can get your hands on the new cars through a variety of options. A good example is the app, which allows you to access and book from all the available cars, a full online experience at your fingertips. Another example is the long-term leasing option, and many other services" On this occasion, Mr. Jihnkeez Khan the general manager of Ibrahim Al-Gefaly and brother co. assured the success achieved by the Mercedes A class in the Saudi market saying "The distinguished demand for its acquisition is an extension of the great confidence that Mercedes-Benz enjoys in all that it offers" And pointed out that this deal reflects Yelo's commitment to its mission of reinforcing itself with a top-notch fleet to provide the best to its customers and keep up with the economical and touristic movement the kingdom witnesses as a result of its 2030 vision. Adding to what he said "We are happy at Ibrahim Al-Gefaly and brothers co. to co-operate with a distinctive national brand in the car rental sector, which is considered a livid sector in the kingdom that supports the growth of Saudi's 2030 vision. Yelo was able to achieve huge progress and be at the forefront of this sector because of its large and diverse fleet, and the services it offers in a modern style. And this cooperation is nothing but the beginning of continuous support to provide Yelo's fleet with the luxurious Mercedes Benz cars.

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